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Start18/04/19 11:47 AM
End24/04/19 2:40 PM
SELLING FOR HEALTH REASONS. NO TIMEWASTERS. 450.000 gbp in as it is conditions.THE ANGLO ITALIAN GARAGE UK AND MR STEPHEN GRISWOLD , ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS LIVING LEGEND IN THE FERRARI WORLD HAVING OWNED/RESTORED AND FIXED OVER 100 OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE CARS IN THE WORLD FERRARI AND MASERATI 1950 1960 AND HAVING WORKED WITH SEVERAL PROJECTS WITH GIORDANENGO IN ITALY are building up two Ferrari 250 LM exact as per original with mostly original parts from 250 LM. The first one is available already for sale now. Both cars will be built using as many original parts as possible that we have collected in 35 years and with an original chassis. You can see from the pictures the top quality of our works. We wont send any kind of information via email but we will be very happy to meet you in person and show you and introduce you the whole project in details. One of the car is already under production.Payment will be 50% at sign of contract and remaining 30% as progressing with the work with 20% final at delivery of the car. 650.000 to finish the project. We might accept other classic cars in part exchange or other restoration projects. You can call THE ANGLO ITALIAN GARAGE, Fabio +447949014239 to arrange viewing.It is a very rare opportunity as a 250LM technically is one of the hardest cars to rebuild. You wont get another opportunity in the marketplace unless you buy an original for over 20 millions. The exact replica would be ideal also for 250LM owner so that they can keep their oriignal one in their garage without taking any risk and using the replica for racing or any other purposes. SELLING IT FOR HEALTH ISSUES. TAKE ADVANTAGE.
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