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Rutan Aircraft
LongEz Diesel
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Start28/08/18 9:49 PM
End04/09/18 9:49 PM
G-LEZE was build and flown by Andy Draper (now a senior LAA Engineer) back in 1985. It originally had a 100hp RollsRoyce Continental O-200, and flew extensively with Andy until various life events impeded activity and it found itself in a dark corner of a hangar.This coincided with Mark Wilksch tempting Bill Allen with the dream of a Diesel engined LongEz. Bill had built his own LongEz (with a Lycoming 0-320) and flew it over the Pond to Florida, where it is now based. Thus Bill was looking for a new project and bought G-LEZE from Andy. Roger Target of Sailplane Services was brought into the project and the WAM120 installation was worked out with LAA engineering.The Wilksch engine lends itself to the LongEz fuselage as it is tall and thin, although it was a challenge getting the water radiator, oil-cooler and intercooler in the limited space.The aircraft was first flown with the WAM engine in 2013 and during the test flights, various items were noted which could improve utility, efficiency and operation. For example, a turbo diesel operates most efficiently at altitude, but as it’s cold up there and the engine is at the back, a cabin heat system had to be designed. Additionally, for CG and weight reasons, a larger battery further forward in the nose would be optimal, so the standard nose was removed and a longer “Berkut” style nose, incorporating a heater, electric retract, and Oddessy PC980 battery was installed.During this time, the “Glass panel revolution” occurred, and thus it was decided to rep angel and rewire with a full Dynon Skyview Touch panel and VPX-Pro. Manuel Quieroz did a great job of integrating all the components needed to interface a non-Lycoming installation to certified standards.The MT VP prop works well with the WAM120, reducing the takeoff run compared with a fixed pitch 160hp Lycoming version.Many other mods and updates were incorporated in the revision, which took 5 years.Cruise performance is 148ktsTAS at 14ltrs Avtur/diesel per hour. Range at this speed is c.1598nm. Enough to get most places and back - several times.The aircraft performs as expected with speed, comfort and efficiency goals having been met, and is now available for purchase to the right person who wants to take advantage of its comfort, efficiency, range and economy. The aircraft will be on display at the LAA Rally at Sywell, Northamptonshire and Bill will be there to answer questions, along with Mark Wilksch, the designer of the engine.
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