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Hagglunds BV206 All Terrain Vehicle (reduced STARTING PRICE)
Min Bid£19995.0
BIN Price£
Start23/05/20 7:29 PM
End02/06/20 7:29 PM
RARE OPPORTUNITY TO BUY HAGGLUNDS BV206 (PETROL V6)FOR SALEPERSONNEL CARRIER (AMPHIBIOUS) OFFERS NOT BEING ACCEPTED ON THIS LISTING Information on these vehicles is available at The rear body has been outfitted with padded seating and retrofitted with an easy access folding step, the original fold down step and NATO towing pintle are with the machine should the buyer prefer to return it to its original configuration. It even comes with the ancillary items inc. Jack and cargo nets etc. which are usually missing from these when sold. IN GENERAL As BV206's go this is a nice example and with prices rising for these amazing machines this is a bargain BV These machines are used all over the world for: CONTRACT HIRE ESTATE SHOOT VEHICLES RESCUE WORK (INCL: FLOODING AS THIS MACHINE IS AMPHIBIOUS) FOR USE IN ALL TERRAINS WIND TURBINE INSTALLATIONS OIL AND MINING EXPLORATION FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THESE AMAZING MACHINES THERE IS A WEBSITE YOU CAN GO TOTO SEE VIDEOS OF THEM IN ACTION --------------------------------- TO SUM THIS MACHINE UP ITS A HARD TOP PERSONNEL CARRIER (THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER MODEL) THIS WOULD BE A VERY CHEAP BV FOR SOMEBODY THIS VEHICLE IS UK ROAD REGISTERED WITH V5 A FULL SET OF MANUALS ON CD CAN BE PROVIDED --------------------------------- THIS VEHICLE IS FOR SALE IN THE UK LOCATED IN DONCASTER
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