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1942 Centaur 6 pdr Gun Tank
Min Bid£45000.0
BIN Price£
Start26/04/18 10:11 PM
End06/05/18 10:11 PM
All periscopes complete with armour.All hydraulic system including catch tanks etc.Gear change selector.Foot and lever controls with gaiters.Hatch pads. Drivers seat.Main electrical fuse distribution board.Regulator. Engine Oil cooler. Radiators with fans and drive for Liberty engine.Engine oil tanks.Fuel tank.Cooling system header tank.Generator no’sStarter motor no’s with coupling Gearbox for starter / gen drive. Air filters complete Liberty engine air pipes. Fuel line primer.Refurbished dash with instruments.Commanders speedo no’s Oil and fuel caps Numerous small interior parts.
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