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1957 Volvo TP21 Sugga Radio Command Car.
Min Bid£20000.0
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Start15/08/18 5:24 PM
End18/08/18 12:59 AM
The Volvo TP21 radiobil 915 nicknamed sugga was built from 1953 to 1958 for the Swedish army using the body of the Volvo PV830 taxi on a modified truck chassis with four wheel drive and high and low ratio transfer gearbox plus vacuum operated diff locks to be used for the radio or command car role in which they served until the early 1980s. It was once part of a large private collection of vintage vehicles and it was acquired by the late owner in 1979. It has been dry stored under cover and unused for several years. Because it was dry stored it is in a very nice solid unmolested condition and is still retaining a lot of it's original military fittings. A very rare vehicle and extremely hard to find these days in this condition, only 724 were ever produced this is number 522 built in 1957. After we striped and rebuilt the carburettor and the fuel pump, cleaned out the fuel lines it started on the third go. It has a set of five brand new Pelas 9-00x16 cross country tyres that have yet to be fitted, and a brand new NATO style heavy duty battery. All eight brake wheel cylinders plus the master cylinder have been re-sleeved in stainless steel and rebuilt with new seals and rubbers. It could be kept in military trim or you could fit a v8 and have the ultimate off roader as most examples you see on youtube seem to be. It has been listed for what it has cost me so far and with no reserve, so grab it quick as you won’t see one as good as this come up for sale for a very long time, if ever. It is with a very heavy heart offer her up for sale as due to the received and ongoing treatment for the big C it is just too much for me now. I shouldn’t have bought it really but I had been looking for one for a very long time. I will ship worldwide but of course all costs will be at the buyers expense and you will have to arrange transport.
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