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2018 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG 5.5 ( 585ps ) ( s/s ) Auto 2016MY AMG S
BIN Price£62000.0
Start04/04/20 6:45 PM
End14/04/20 6:45 PM
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a car substantially under trade value, way under its retail value. Some cars are thousands of pounds under value. Let us explain the reason for this. “ a well known car auction site” are no longer allowed to currently host ‘’live auctions’’ due to the pandemic. UK motor dealers and car supermarkets rely on these auctions to purchase their stock. Subsequently their sites are stocked up with some 11,000 cars currently and no way of disposing of them, the logistics of returning them to their respected customers (Lease companies, main dealers) is implausible, the logistics and cost would be substantial, more so as car dealerships are now closed Therefore both “ a well known car auction site” and their clients have agreed to take substantial losses on all cars currently within their holding and sell cars on a buy it now basis (to their existing trade account holders ONLY on their online trade platform) dramatically under value! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will never be repeated (subject to another pandemic!!) We, As Autostyle Limited, are fortunate enough that we have gold account with “ a well known car auction site” and have been trading with them for some 10 years and therefore have been selected and offered option to purchase. All of their cars in their holding are on offer to us via a trade only platform! They are only offering this to some motor traders only and fortunately we are one of them! Literally millions of pounds worth of cars. They will be sold in a matter of days though obviously! WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE TO PURCHASE Quite simply you click buy it now and pay us the £1000 deposit by either paypal, credit or debit card (We have full in house facilities to accept debit or credit card) or bank transfer. We then click buy it now on our “ a well known car auction site” platform. The remaining balance will then be due within 24 hours. You can then either pay us direct by methods previously mentioned or indeed direct to BCA via bank transfer. Alternatively you can just pay us the full amount in one go but please contact us before doing so to ensure the advertised car is still available! As you can imagine these cars will sell quick. We are always available at the other end of the phone or by email if needed HOW ARE YOU STILL OPEN AND YET MAIN CAR DEALERS ARE CLOSED! Our core business is the repair of motor vehicles and the supply of DVLA number plates. We also repair cars for the police and insurance companies therefore we are classed as an essential business. Car dealerships which allow people to just stroll around showrooms no end are obviously not classed as essential. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT We are very transparent in what we make. We basically make £1000 for cars under £20,000, £1500 for cars between £20,000 - £35,000 and £2000 for cars upward of £35,000 but out of this we are paying all associated BCA fees etc. These can range from £400 to £2500 dependant on car price! Please note these fees are already included in the sale price you see on our advert. So for example if we are advertising a car at £16,000 then the car has cost us £15,000. This is also why you will see on some of the photos that the buy it now is £1000 less than we have advertised it, please note that this is because we are using a screen grab of the car offered to us and we are showing these photos to be transparent. Most car dealers look to make mark up of thousands of pounds. Bear in mind motor traders (Such as ourselves) by law have to offer warranty on cars sold and this is why traders normally add on substantial profit to cushion this. We make a small bit of money and you the customer save substantially, everybody is happy! WHAT DOES “CAP CLEAN” MEAN WHICH IS SHOWN ON THE PHOTOS “Cap clean” is the trade price which a motor trader would expect and hope to to pay when bidding at auction. The retail price is normally 20% above this. So for example if a car has a “cap clean” trade price of £20,000 then we as motor traders would try and bid for this amount (Obviously we would bid higher if desirable car). The car will then have a retail forecourt price around the £24,000 mark. I AM WORRIED ABOUT BUYING A CAR WHICH I HAVE NOT SEEN AND NOT ABLE TO CHECK CONDITION Ironically you are actually far safer because all of the “ a well known car auction site” cars we select are sold with a AA inspection and full condition reports. A lot of people did not know this but when dealers purchase high end selected cars from “ a well known car auction site” then provided a full condition report (Which even details every minor scratch!) and a AA mechanical report. As I am sure most of you are aware it is not cheap for a AA report, normally around £300. Please note that the ‘’condition report’’ normally looks far worse than it is! I remember when we purchased our first car from “ a well known car auction site” we were expecting an absolute wreck! But its was pristine, the staff who do the reports will lose their job if they miss something so they literally list every minor detail. Please also note the report can look worse than it is in the fact that even if it has a scuff or chip the size of a 2p coin! They will classify this as bumper needing repair! A common thing they also put is poor previous repair or needs repaint. As I say this is to cover themselves completely. The best way to judge is to just look at the photos! With regards to the AA mechanical report then this is also indepth and covers all mechanical components. The extra advantage here is that if they tick a certain component green and it subsequently has a fault upon delivery then they will either fix it or refund! For example if the mechanical report shows everything is ok and then the gearbox fails then they replace it! They need to be notified within 48 hrs if issue detected. So to conclude you are far safer purchasing this way than any other way compared to private or even main dealers! IS IT SAFE FOR ME TO PURCHASE AND AM I COVERED We as a company (Autostyle Limited) have been trading for 10 years. We also have the reassurance of well over 23,000 feedback on ebay and all 100% positive. Our details are listed on the companies house website should you wish to check. If you are still worried about sending money to a company you do not know! then rest assured you are covered by section 75 of the the consumer credit act or indeed have the opportunity to commence a chargeback. This information is readily available online but for your peace of mind please copy andpaste below: IMPORTANT! DO NOT PANIC BUY! This is very important so please take note as we run the risk of losing our “ a well known car auction site” account if deal is not honoured. Do not be tempted to panic purchase (due to low price and risk of losing it to someone else) by just clicking buy it now if you do not have the funds in place to purchase the car. As soon as we click buy it now ourselves with “ a well known car auction site” then we have entered into an agreement with them to purchase and if we do not pay them they will suspend our account, sue us for the full balance and not let us purchase further cars. Its not simply a case of us saying to them we have changed our mind! We enter a contract with them as soon as we click buy it now on their platform and are obligated to finalise the purchase. If we purchase we must follow through so please do not purchase if you are not able to finalise. The reason we take deposit of £1000 is to show us you are committed to the deal and then we will click buy it now with “ a well known car auction site” and then sort finances with you. Please do not think we will be happy we have made a quick £1000 from a non refundable deposit if you do not honour the deal because that’s not the case! Far from it in fact as will restrict our future income if we are not able to purchase from them ongoing! It will be a case our account will be suspended for non payment and we will not be able to purchase from the in future subsequently crippling our future business so please please be 100% sure you have funds in place to finalise before purchasing and sending us deposit DO NOT CLICK ON BUY IT NOW WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST! It is always best to send us an email first to check whether the car is still available, due to the scale of the cars we will be listing it will be hard for us to keep constant track of available cars as obviously “ a well known car auction site” are offering the trade platform to other dealerships and therefore the car may not be available if purchased by another trader. If you email us first then we can reply if available still and then you can click buy it now and pay deposit. After receiving the deposit we will then click buy it now ourselves on the “ a well known car auction site” platform which will then enter us into a contract to purchase with “ a well known car auction site” and an obligation to purchase. If you do click buy it now before contacting us then please do not leave us negative feedback if we email you back and say no longer available! We take great care in customer service and our feedback which is why it is 100% and as high as 23,000! Please also be aware that we are very fair and unbiased so if we receive 10 emails for example when we start work in the morning from the previous night then we will contact the person who email us FIRST to confirm availability and if we do not have reply from that person within 2 hours we will move onto the 2nd customer enquiry. THIS SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Yes it is amazing but it is also true! Although we are a large business we are family owned and we are happy to be in a position to be able to provide a fruitful service for both you and us. We need to be quick though as obviously the stock will soon be depleted. A percentage of our profits are also donated to the NHS IS IT A SAFE TIME TO PURCHASE A CAR IN CURRENT CLIMATE Yes! Car prices are not effected by this pandemic (and nor are house prices although obviously the housing market will be on hold for many months). There is not an underlying issue with the economy, the only issue is we are forced into a position where we can not spend! The businesses are the ones sadly taking the hit and not private individuals. When we are out of this pandemic we will be spending like there is no tomorrow! If anything the value of cars will be increasing because supply has been drastically limited! People can mainly only buy cars from private individuals as all dealerships and motor trade showrooms are closed! And no new cars are being produced due to the closure of many factories during the pandemic subsequently pushing the used car market up. Buying private also does not have the protection of buying from us as mentioned before. I AM A BUSINESS, CAN I RECLAIM THE VAT We are also VAT registered and as such if a vehicle is VAT qualifying then you will be able to reclaim the VAT as our invoice to you will reflect VAT. Not all vehicles are VAT qualifying. You can check this by looking at our photos of the advertised vehicle, under the section which states ‘’VAT TYPE’’ it will either say qualifying or margin. If it says qualifying then obviously VAT can be reclaimed but if it depicts ‘’margin’’ then VAT is NOT reclaimable WHY HAVE YOU GONE TO SUCH VAST EFFORTS IN PRODUCING THIS ADVERT We could of just listed the car for sale quite simply without any of this text but this is in an effort to minimise admin and questions as obviously we are going to be listing a lot while we can before the “ a well known car auction site” stock depletes and also to counteract purchasers concerns as to why the cars are a lot cheaper than should be CAN I LOOK AT THE CAR OR TEST DRIVE IT If your asking that then you obviously have not read the advert which we have spent much time producing 😉 The cars are within “ a well known car auction site” grounds are no inspections are allowed. There is also no point in asking us any questions about the car such as has it got spare key, has it got history etc etc. All of the information is on the information contained within the photos. If it does not say spare key on advert then presume it does not come with a spare key. “ a well known car auction site” are very thorough and log all details and service history if they have it. The cars can also not be test driven obviously but as mentioned the cars will be fully working with no issues and guaranteed and in the unlikely event there is an issue then the car can be returned to “ a well known car auction site” and refunded at no loss to you or repaired at their cost. This comes under their assured report so we are completely covered, as mentioned its safer than buying from most dealers yet alone private! ARE THERE ANY HIDDEN COSTS No, the price you see the car advertised at is the total cost you will pay unless you add car delivery or pay by a method which incurs additional charges as stipulated below CAR COLLECTION OR DELIVERY COSTS We can arrange collection from “ a well known car auction site” and delivered directly to you, the cost for this is £300 in England, £400 in wales and £500 for Scotland. You can also collect the car from us in Rugby but please note there will still be a delivery cost of £300 as obviously the car has to be transported to us from “ a well known car auction site”. The delivery charges include vat so if you are a business you can reclaim the vat as will be reflected in our invoice to you ADDITIONAL COSTS Payment by bank transfer: Zero Payment direct to BCA: Zero Payment by paypal: 2.9% Payment by credit card: 2,5% Payment by debit card: 1.5%
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