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Audi R8 V10 SPYDER - 2020 Facelift - FASH - AUDI Warranty Nov 2020 - 17,500miles
BIN Price£99950.0
Start07/04/20 5:40 PM
End17/04/20 5:40 PM
Reluctant sale of my pride and joy Where do I start! This is a 2017 ( 66 ) Audi R8 Spyder – 5.2 V10 – 7speed S-Tronic - 540PS – 0-60 3.6 seconds – Top speed 197MPH - finished in striking Vegas Yellow – Full Audi Service History – Manufacture warranty until November 2020!! Low mileage only 17,500 miles. 4 previous owners – however 2 are the same person owned by his company then changed to him personally – I have the proof of this from when I bought it. This car is truly in perfect condition all round with body work and mechanical having no issues what so ever - As im sure you will have noticed it’s been professionally facelifted to the 2020 R8 – I personally love everything about the look of this facelift - This has been done using all Genuine Audi bumpers with the Genuine Audi carbon fibre trim options ( a hugely expensive option ) All sprayed and fitted by an Audi approved professional body shop – asyou can imagine this conversion wasn’t cheap to do however it allows you to have the updated 2020 R8 look but not have to comply with the 2019/2020 European Exhaust regulations that has taken the exhaust Open / Close valve off the new 2020 R8s ( and trust me this is one of the best features of the R8 –Open Valve scream of the V10 with the pops and crackles – however with the valve closed it is somewhat civilised ) – just read this thread about someone going from the pre facelift to the facelift and his experience of having the prefacelift and then going to pick up his new 2020 facelift : - This will tell you how important that button is 😊 Just want to mention this car was facelifted out of personal preference – This car has never been involved in any accident ofany kind! I have the pictures of the conversion before and after : please checkout the website of the body shop that carried out the work – - please scroll down and you shall see the before and after photos the body shop took – if you require more images of the conversion before/during/after please let me know and I will be happy to provide these. I have maintained this car to a high standard:when I got the car, I had it fully detailed with full 12-month protection plan this included 12 monthly valets. This was done at the cost of almost £1,500 and carried out by The Matt Finish : -sometimes only 150 miles was covered between maintenance washes! The car will be fully valeted for the new owner. Matt is happy for you to contact him if youhave any questions regarding the bodywork or the 12-month protection I have onthis car OR even negotiate if you are local and would want to continue this service ( I would highly recommend it ). Under the body work it’s been maintained and all work carried out at Audi – I had a Major service done at 14,000 miles this included front pads this was all at a cost of just over £1,300 – so the next service will just be an oil service – I have all paper work and receipts or any Audi can verify this foryou. There has been some warranty work done on the carin the time I have owned it – I have full details of all of this if you are interested – I have also extended the manufacture warranty in November 2019 a ta cost of just over £1,100 when it was coming toan end this will transfer to the new owner so you can buy with peace of mind with Full Audi Warranty until November 2020 – again would recommend you extending it before it was to lapse as you get the best deal and a higher level of cover if the warranty hasn’t ever lapsed! The facelift as it is using all Genuine Audi parts this doesn’t affect the warranty! This includes Audi roadside assistance and recovery! Extras from factory! · Sports Plus Pack – With Manual Sport mode andWET/DRY/SNOW settings ( it’s a different beast in this mode only available withthe sports plus pack ) · Cruise Control · Parking system plus – sensors front and back · Rear View Camera · Smartphone Interface ( Apple and Android ) · Bang and Olufsen Sound system – including in headrest speakers that play slightly louder when the top is down – fantastic idea! · Comes with the smoking package – however the previous owner and myself never smoked in this car! · R8 3 spoke, flat bottomed, Multi-function,perforated performance leather with 4 operating satellites. · Audi Magnetic Ride · Fine Nappa Leather interior · R8 Sport seats – electronically adjusted andheated · Perforated and ventilated front disc brakes · LED headlights · LED rear lights with dynamic rear indicators · V10 exterior styling · Deluxe Zone climate control · Advance Key · Auto dimming frameless rear-view mirror and wingmirrors · Audi connect Infotainment – Bluetooth, DAB radio · MMI Navigation Plus with MMI Touch · Carbon Side blades · Carbon Wing mirrors And much much more if you are interested, I can get all ofthem over to you. As you can see it comes with a lot of extras outthe factory. On top of the extras on this car I have spent a lotof money in the time I have owned this car to make it stand out from the others,including: · Facelift genuine Audi bumpers with full bumper carbon fibre trim · Full black out badges option – Using genuine OEM Audi Badges – not Chinese knock off rubbish ( I have all receipts for this ) all fitted professionally but the body shop at the time of the conversion. · Windscreen surround wrapped in gloss black – byID wraps in Marden Kent - · Petrol cap in gloss black · Callipers wrapped in reflective Yellow – looks amazing in the dark when car light hit them or when someone takes a picture with the flash – really complement the colour of the car. Again, done by ID wraps - · Brand new Genuine Audi 20” gloss black Y spokealloy wheels with Michelin Pilot sports. – not one mark or scratch on them –they look brand new still. ( cost £3500 ) The blackout optional extra is only available for the new2020 R8s – get rid of all the Silver and the chrome and I personally love it and have had it professionally retro fitted it all to this car. I know everyone says this but, in this case, I can’t stress enough this car needs to be seen to be truly appreciated – It gets looks and comments wherever you go and it really does sound as good as it looks– I will try and get a video uploaded too to give you a bit of an idea, but viewing is highly recommended! Being the Spyder it’s so much fun to drive withthe top down in the summer and really appreciate the sound of the V10 – In the summer the colour really comes alive and it looks phenomenal! I have spent so much on this car in the time I have owned it to get it looking the way it does, the cost of the maintenance,extended Audi Warranty and the unique look of this car I think for the money Ihave it listed for it truly is the best R8 for sale at the moment! A new 2020 R8 without all the carbon options and doesn’t offer the Valve tronic exhaust system as will cost you over £140,000 – so you can have all of the new look and more with this car and with thesavings get yourself a few nice holidays or Audi TT for the Mrs lol! With aprivate plate on the car everyone will think you have spent £140,000 upwards– I went to a car meet the other day and all the car geeks were loving it asking me about it and the fact they hasn’t seen another 2020 face liftyet. I really don’t want to sell her!!! I feel like Ihave just got her the way I want her, everything I have spent on this car was because I was planning on owning it for a while at least 3 years possibly longer however change in circumstances forces the sale but don’t get me wrong NO silly offers im in not huge rush to sell – the longer I can keep her thebetter in my eyes! I have loved every second of owning this car and Its truly my absolute pride and Joy – even down to the fact when im not driving it it’s been in a temperature-controlled garage! I have treated her like a queen in the time I have owned her and would like nothing more for her to go to someone that will treat her and appreciate her in the same way! I have tried to be as comprehensive as possible however im sure there are bits I have missed. If you have any questions or would like to view the car, please shoot me a message! Number plate not included – will go back to SM66EEZ Please no silly offers or time wasters, if you have time to waste that nice but I really don’t!
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