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1970 Boss 302 Ford Mustang
BIN Price£73500.0
Start08/07/20 2:04 PM
End18/07/20 2:04 PM
1970 Boss 302 Mustang4 Year Restoration by Myself. Grabber Orangemileage 48372 (Since 1984 it has done 101 miles and has only done 3548 since 1976) it was in storage for most of its life,i am the third owner since 1975 and the previous owner only sold the car to me due to ill health. He contacted me as he knew i had restored a 1969 428 Cobra jet previously. I bought this 4 years ago and it has had a nut and bolt restoration .This car was specked from new with some very rare options.The car is still complete with its original engine,gearbox and rear axle.This Mustang was never built for the USA as it was an oversea order as seen on the Marti report. The speedo is in Kilometers this is great for someone who wishes to import this car into Europe or could have the speedometer face changed to a MPH face. In 1970 191 thousand Mustangs were built and only 5 built to this spec (copy of Marti Report attached) Ford only built the Boss 302 for 2 years for Homologation to be able to race in the Transam race series, built as a street legal car. Makes big block power out of a 5ltr engine.Only selling this car as i am reducing my car collection to concentrate more of my time on the vehicles i have left. This Mustang is in the top 4 most desirable Mustangs. All original, European spec 100% standard vehicle with KM speedo making it a simple import in Europe.
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