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Flexible Seat Arrangement System
BIN Price£150000.0
Start06/07/17 9:46 AM
End26/07/19 9:46 AM
We have on Offer our FSAS the (World’s First Flexible Seat Arrangement System - patented), in the form of a POC (proof of concept demonstrator). On Offer is a complete comprehensive working system, with Wi-Fi IFE and can be demonstrated before purchase. The FSAS is aimed to reduce the down turn during seat reconfiguration., offers improved passenger comfort (ie pitch increase for more legroom), and shock absorption bearings. Increased revenue is via pitch reduction for more seats. Position of seats doubly accurate and less than one inch. The FSAS is installed with a Wireless cabin/IFE network. Both Automatic and manual systems are possible. Fantastic spin off potentials to other industries. The principal parts include: · Special roller bearing seat sledges. · A320 2 dimensional cockpit, led cockpit window lights, and plasma touch screen purser station (the cockpit is perfect gloss finish and breaks down for transport) · 2 rows of ex Lufthansa seats (3 seats per row) – the seats have IFE screens in the back. Each seat leg is fitted with its own clutch system and electronic eye · 1 complete floor with access doors which contain the electronics, linear motors and cable system · The purser screen has data for the A320 and A380. All parameters can be changed. · Activation of the seats to the new configuration takes place automatically via an algorithm, and Wi-Fi · Custom software · IFE system via Wi-Fi The system if developed, is the basis of a new seating industry for aircraft and all forms of seating in transport and entertainment venues. Our vision, is that this system if property developed could be retrofitted and used to upgrade existing legacy aircraft with a (industry worth €40B) Our system includes a fully integrated Cabin, IFE, Maintenance and Flight planning system. The special sledges could be adapted to move partition screens, lavatories and galleys in aircraft and buildings. This is only a POC (proof of concept demonstrator), and the idea is worthy of further investment and development. Finally, we offer full training, annual maintenance and development and support of the FSAS as required
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