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Jetranger Complete Fuselage w/Controls & Electrics: All Logs & Papers 'N' Reg.
Locationne england
BIN Price£65000.0
Start12/07/19 12:15 AM
End11/08/19 12:15 AM
BELL USA Factory Build 1970 Operational & Intact B206 Jetranger Fuselage TT.3665hrs. All Cabin Flight Controls controls Cyclic,Collective & Tail R.C. are all intact and working well. Main Upper Deck excellent condition with all deck fittings fitted and working well. All fitted electrics are in place and working well. All engine controls , throttle cable & and Electrical connections are in place and working well Engine wiring Harness with Multi-connection plugs and connectors is included & working well Fuel Tank, Fuel Line, Fuel Filters, Fuel Cut-off module, Internal Fuel Pumps, Fuel Connections are all in place and working well. All Cabin Flight Control Electrics are in place & working well: Panel mount Digital OAT: All Landing gear, Skids, with Skid covers are all in place & working well Landing Lights,Beacons, Nav Lights, Interior & Panel Lights are all in place & working well Tail Boom, Horiz/Stabilizers , Vertical Tail Fin with Beacon are all complete & working well Main rotor Gearbox Support mounts and Bars are in place & working well Fitted Avionics are King KY196: KA 24 Audio w/5 Place intercom + King Txp are working well All Flight Gauges and Engine Gauges are in place & working well All seats and upholstery and Carpets in reasonable good condition. 7/10 Full Harness Inertia/Reel Front Seat belts and Rear Lap Seat Belts are in place and working well. All interior Plastics are in very good condition 8/10 All Electrics behind the Hatbox along with the Cabin Heater are in great condition & working well O/head panel, Switches, Controls, CB's, Engine Buzzer, Rheostat are all in place and working well. Lead-Acid Battery conversion is fitted (Battery is U/S) All covers, inspection panels, tail boom and D/shaft cover are all in place and working well: Tail Rotor GearBox enclosure with tail Nav Light is complete & working well Engine Oil Cooler complete Assembly is fitted in place and working well Ground Handling Wheels are included and working well: Condition:-Exterior Paintwork 6/10 Interior Plastics 8/10 Interior upholstery 7/10 Condition Glass:- Windshields 8/10: Front Door windows 5/10: Rear Door windows 6/10: Jetranger was in Flying condition prior to parting out. FLIGHT MANUAL plus BELL 206 Parts and Maint/Manuals both W-Shop/Paper & Disc included Current USA (N) Registration: (March 2021) included: Airframe Log Books (FAA and UK) included: Hangar located in North-East England UK. NE10 Shipping: 40ft Container needed for fully assembled Fuselage: (Roll-on Loading) 20 ft Container will suffice with Tailboom and Tail Fin Assy securely mounted on a Frame attached. (2 days loading time) (Supply Frame & Labour extra) Shipping by Road within Europe possible: Buyer to arrange and pay Shipping: Container Loading including all Tie-Downs and Packing F O C £65000: (sixty five thousand £pounds) buys all: ViEWING STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT
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