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ALLISON C18B Helicopter Gas Turbine ENGINE complete with accessories and Logs
LocationNewcastle upon Tyne
BIN Price£44999.0
Start16/09/19 12:27 PM
End16/10/19 12:27 PM
INFORMATION ALLISON C18B ENGINE Removed Intact from Operational Jetranger Complete fitted with:- Gearbox: Power Turbine Compressor: Fuel Pump: FCU: P.T.Governor: Bleed Valve: All Chip-detectors: 2 Tach Generators: 3 Transducers with Pipe Connectors: Latest Ignitor Plug: High Energy Ignition Exciter Unit. Fuel & Oil pipes: (Full Set) 2 Stainless Steel Exhausts & 2 Clamps: Full Freewheel Assenbly:Log Cards times remaining Fuel Pump = 2172 hrs: remaining to Overhaul Bleed Valve = 1239 hrs: remaining to Overhaul P.Turbine Gov = 813 hrs: remaining to Overhaul Free Wheel = 536 hrs: remaining to Overhaul Fuel Nozzle = 1239 hrs: remaining to Overhaul Compressor = 718 hrs: remaining to Overhaul Fuel C. Unit = 1398 hrs: remaining to Overhaul Power Turbine = 610 hrs: remaining to 1250hr. Turbine Wheels:- #1= 940hrs remaining #2= 940hrs remaining #3= 1890hrs remaining #4= 1890hrs remaining Complete with Engine Log Books. Complete with Engine Log Cards: Complete with Allison Log Book: Full Engine Bay Wiring Harness:C18 Engine Parts Manual:C18 Allison Engine Workshop Manuals Set of 4: Engine Lift Adaptor: Shipping UK £150: USA £822: (includes Packing Container)
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