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Hotchkiss m201 Jeep
BIN Price£20000.0
Start01/01/19 2:00 PM
End30/01/19 5:02 PM
This is my 1962 Hotchkiss Jeep, I purchased it in 2106 as a restoration project, It came with a Peugeot diesel engine and all sorts of other horrible bits and I originally had the intention of just getting it going and bombing around in it as it was but ended up replacing nearly everything on it, it would probably be easier to list the parts I haven't replaced, I stripped it down to every last nut and bolt and had the Chassis sand blasted and repainted, I decided that the Diesel motor had to go but couldn't find a replacement anywhere, then this came up on ebay "WILLYS JEEP ENGINE. THIS ENGINE IS BRAND NEW FACTORY UNUSED NEVER BEEN IN A JEEP. IT CAME OUT OF A JEEP DEALERSHIP IN THE STATES THAT HAD IT IN THEIR SHOWROOM ON A STAND FOR 50 YEARS.EVERYTHING ON THIS ENGINE IS NEW AND HAS BEEN ON IT ALL ITS LIFE" so I quickly bought it and as you can see from the pictures it was so good that I had to do the rest to compliment it, Its got new Brake master cylinder, brake lines and clips ,brake cylinders and shoes, all new wiring and lights and electrics, new air filter assembly and pipes, new Fuel filter, new radiator and hoses, new top bow and all parts, new Worthing hood and seats, new body with lockable boxes, new starter motor, new dynamo, new 6volt battery new windscreen frame and Glass, new wipers, new wheel bearings, rebuilt steering box with new linkage, rebuilt gearbox with all new parts and transfer box main including bearings ( I have all the original parts ), new engine mounts, new complete clutch, including thrust arm, bearing and all linkage, new lift handles, new side reflectors new mirror, new bumper, all new suspension rubbers and clips, complete new exhaust system, new accelerator pedal and throttle linkage, new brake and clutch pedals, new Fuel Lines, all new dash lights and dials, as fast as I write this I think of other parts I have replaced but I'm happy to answer any questions or supply other pictures, it came with spare axles and I have a box of other parts, it comes with loads of invoices and V5 , the reason I'm selling it is because I race cars and need the space to rebuild my next project to race this year any question 07775 918284
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